Update - What's happening?

I have been absent from the blog for some time. It is partially due to different commitments and also partially due to the nature of the blog posts. Specifically, the Capture-The-Flag write-ups, they require considerable time to write. This is because I hope to present accurate and detailed posts. Despite that when I have the opportunity, I wish to contribute to Work In Progress (WIP) blog posts.

What is coming up?

In the upcoming blog posts, you can expect more pwnable.kr challenge write-ups:

  • bof
  • Collision
  • Flag
  • Shellshock
  • [cmd1]
Inoperative website UI elements

I am aware of the inoperative back button and as well as other elements of the website. For the time being please use the back button provided by your browser. The blog is hosted on Github, know how to fix? Please send a pull request. All appreciated.


The aim of this blog is to provide accurate and detailed posts. To improve the content and meet this goal, any feedbacks are appreciated. Feel free to provide feedback on things that need improvement or something you like. For example:

  • Structure of post
  • Post or paragraph length,
  • Diagrams,
  • Grammar or spelling errors

One of my personal goal from this blog is to improve my English. I hope to do this by expressing ideas in writing. The posts may contain literacy errors. Thus, any feedback on that regards is also appreciated.

How to get in contact?

You can send feedback, comments and or other matters to me via:

  • Email: KHZ.INTL@gmail.com
Found an error or like what you read?

Please navigate to About me page to get in touch. Thanks in advance.